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Due to changes in Facebook API, one can no longer fetch entire friend list of a user. Only those friends who have used this application can be fetched. Due to this you may not be able to use this application for it's intended purpose. 

As of now there will be no new updates. I also may not be able to reply back to your support queries. 

If you are interested in Instagram media, you can check out my another project DOWNGRAMER

Thank you for using this app and making it a small success!

The Albums Downloader is a very simple and efficient desktop application that easily allows you to download your favorite albums or pictures of your friends or your favorite celebrity or sports team page that you follow on Facebook.

The Albums Downloader has been designed keeping in mind simplicity and the ease of use. With minimum number of clicks and types you can have an entire album downloaded straight to your PC. Simple enough! It’s not just restricted to the albums uploaded by the user on his/her Facebook profile. You can also download the tagged photos of your friends and even better, get those awesome photos uploaded by your favorite pages.
With the newly introduced search feature, you can now search for your friends, albums and pages you are interested in. Hence, there is no longer any need to scroll down all the way to search for that particular friend or album. You can open multiple albums at a time and if you are not interested in downloading the entire album, you have the option to select specific photos. If network bandwidth is an issue, you can choose to disable loading images for the thumbnails or can switch between downloading high/medium quality photos.


Java 1.4 or more and Internet Connectivity


  1. Fetch Access Tokens from Facebook via (Your credentials will not be saved anywhere)
  2. Open the application and enter the token value.
  3. If this is your first access, then the application will ask you to whether load the images for thumbnails. Select as you desire.
  4. Search for friend via the search box or click on the friend tile to view his/her albums.
  5. To search for a particular album, wait till the albums loads. After it's loaded, you can search for an album in the albums tab (Ctrl + 2).
  6. To search for albums of a page, shift to Pages tab (Ctrl + 3) and enter the id of the page in the search box.
  7. You can have multiple albums open. Just click on the album tile.
  8. To download photos in medium quality, de-select the chekbox and then click on download button.


The lib folder should be in the same path as The Albums Downloader.jar, otherwise the application won't run.



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